Week 39: Our Watermelon :)

I gotta be honest, every day the past week I’ve seriously considered the date and if I was ok with baby faulkner coming that day
“Oh the 16th, she and dad will have the same birthday”
“The 17th, a week after our engagment date!”
“The 19th, the same day of my birthday!”
“MLK Jr Day, that’s kinda cute!”
Haha, who do I think I am?
With our freshly purchased scale [and actually working scale]  I can confirm an overall 30-32lb gain
Still stretch mark free on my belly, legs and back
Light stretch marks on my chest. Up 3 cup sizes thus far. I don’t want to talk about it.
Shoes luckily still fit! Can’t remember if my mom said hers grew during pregnancy or after delivery? Hoping to stay at the oh so delicate shoe size of nine and a half.
My face gets flushed so much easier lately, things that normal wouldn’t face me now have me turning red. Dang hormones. I also thought I was running a fever a few times the past week, but my face didn’t feel hot whatsoever to Landon. Weird
My heart jumped a beat a few times the past week at the realization of our soon to be reality. Once, during the baby shower, blindfolded and about to race to put a diaper on Curious George that i realize– oh geez. We’re going to be changing diapers soon. 
Then a few days later after talking with Landon’s bosses wife, who was a nurse at the hospital here for 12 years, about tricks they’d use to naturally induce I freaked out for a second. What are we doing, why are we having a baby, dah dah dah. Luckily that was short lived.
Tonight, now with the Maxi Cosi returned and Combi Cocorro not planning on arriving til Wednesday I’m sure she’ll coming tonight!
Or, you know, in three weeks. 

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