The Past Week [So I don’t forget a thing]

Monday: Tried installing the Maxi Cosi Mico with high high hopes. No go. Hadn’t even considered this would be a possibility. Had to scooch the passenger seat completely foward.
Just in case you were considering buying a Ford Fiesta & an infant car seat, don’t. [Goodbye all leg room for mama] [[Now to quickly find a second option]]”

Tuesday: Quickly ordered the Combi Cocorro before jetting off to work
Starving I ate dinner in the car before YW’s, went in to the building – brushed my teeth and walked in on all the girls jumping out, “Surpriiise!” Twas a surprise baby shower!

Wednesday: Woke up and cleaned all morning, a good solid 2 hours of organizing and such. Went to take a nap at 10am and ended up painting my nails & toes instead
Showed up to work for my Noon shift and ended up leaving at 9:30 after saying yes to working another girls’ shift who’d called in sick. Made it through miraculously just fine. Got to have a dinner date with Landon for my break, Taco Bell. Probably lost my cutely named plug.
Dad’s birthday, rushed home and got to talk to him after work.

Thursday, “Feeling like you have the flu is a sign of upcoming labor. catching the flu, however is not” Shaky, not feeling like myself. Felt better by the time landon got some soup in me and I took a shower for work
Drove out to Gridley after to catch the end of L’s presentation for work, talked secrets with Heather of inducing labor 

Friday had my weekly appointment with Lori. Checked my cervix, baby’s head was in the way haha. Discussed delayed cord clamping
Bought plants, and spruced up the nursery
Super rough night again, Up late, cramping. Thought for sure the baby would come that night.

Saturday: Last day for work before maternity leave
Was surprised with a Target baby gift card and gifts and lots of love!
Hips feel unaligned, like they need to pop. Sweeping was even difficult due to how tight stomach was all day. So happy to have it be my last day of work.
Finally took advantage of sitting on the barstool, with it being my last day and all.

Sunday: Taught the YW lesson, came home took a nap with L, cleaned the apartment again with windows and sliding glass door open [ahhhhh]
Had dinner at our place with his parents and Krachel. His veggie mexican soup concoction.  Hung out til dark, tried out the Ergo carrier, the Bjorn my parent’s picked up for us this summer and a REI hiking backpack from my parents as well. L gave the girls rides in the REI backpack around the house and up and down the stairs til he had to say, no more


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