Thirty-Eight Weeks! Our Little Pumpkin


The car seat has arrived! Now so can this little one!
Well, once we make sure it fits in our little party car.
 She’s back to being unnamed for the week, baby faulkner we shall call her this week.
I need a week of clearing my head, focusing on Landon and I, then we can go back to naming her.
Names are serious business you know.
I’ve gained 31.6lbs and am back to measuring at 35 weeks because of how low she is. She is so low.
I’ve had one shift at work where my legs just throbbed but aside from that I feel like I could be pregnant for so much longer. Well, if I wasn’t so curious to meet this little babe.
Our hospital bag is finally pretty much packed! Except for the sea salt dark chocolate bars we put in there. Those somehow didn’t make it til birthing day. We found out last week that I’ll be having a 48 hour stay in the hospital for sure.

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