Life Lately [Hello twenty-thirteen!]

Things I’ve learned from 2013 thus far —

Keep USAA as our insurance provider for life
If you buy Landon a sleeping bag, he will want to use it right away
Always have iPod serial numbers recorded somewhere
If you have 6,000+ songs on an iPod but not backed up somewhere, back it up. Now.
Customers will judge if you continue working 2 weeks before your due date
Standing on your feet may be easy two weeks before you due date.  Walking with a normal stride is an entirely different story.

Temple dresses don’t fit forever
Urban Outfitter skinny black pants don’t last forever. But wearing them through 3 jobs and basically every day for two years will sure put that truth to the test
Even if the restaurant is super cute, pad thai can taste gross. It is possible
A fantastically decorated restroom will almost make up for gross pad thai.
Me + getting leftovers home in one piece never go in the same sentence. If some day they do, you know actually getting them into the fridge won’t.
An hour drive to the hospital when 20 weeks pregnant is different than when full term
The local hospital suddenly doesn’t sound so bad when you’re 38 weeks along
Your heart can be so sad that it literally hurts. This does not only happen when you are a teenager.
We cannot control one’s future actions by holding back forgiveness on this end of the timeline. We can only take care of today
The house that built me will make tears fall every time. Even if it has nothing to do with how you feel.
This list has gotten entirely too serious.
The Zac Brown Band will always make me smile when it pops up on Pandora
 Clorox Wipes are the happiest things in this world.
The 2013 Ford Taurus Limited is a sweet rental.  Ford should have ditched the name Taurus…
+ Laughing with Landon is one of my favorite hobbies.

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