Week 34: Our Butternut Squash :]

For the past 2 weeks or so I have been more than a bit melancholy about being pregnant and even about having a baby.
I have no idea where these pre-baby blues came from. They weren’t constant but they were consistent.
Two sad teary Sundays for no reason, a few gloomy mornings, feeling myself get less and less enthusiastic about answering the customers’ same 6 questions about life over and over again {yeah, end of next month, our first, a girl, for sure we’re excited, no still deciding between a few} …

These two weeks also coincidentally happened to be the same two weeks that my blog was down and that I gained 5 pounds [kill me now]. With a temporary new blog template in place and back to tracking each week I’m feeling better already and much more ok with sharing my body with this little one for 6 more weeks.

With real Christmas presents under the tree this morning, a surprise visit from Ave & Trever this morning, plans to all hang out tonight and Christmas in just three days I’m excited to take each week at a time and try to enjoy them all

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