Goals For 2013 {and beyond}

A few weeks ago I got the chance to blog and think over 100 goals that I had as a junior in High School. {see post by clicking, here} Looking through them, though most are things I’d still love to do, everything that’s left to be accomplished is a little simple or silly. I wanted to put together a more focused list of goals for my life right now, the near future and also the distant future.

I tend to have a billion fitness goals, those come easiest to me and make me the happiest to think about. I feel like pregnancy has helped me find a balance in life of mental + spiritual + psychical things/goals. It’s also safe to say that I’d love to travel to all of the places that I put down for goals five years ago. But as far as what gets me excited/priorities traveling feels so far down my list. #thisisrightwhereineedtobe

My goals for 2013 and beyond—

See a dermatologist, have any and all moles/spot checked out
Commit to never fake bake again/wear sunscreen at the beach
Try out Spray Tans and learn to love it
Study yoga this summer in SLC, becoming a certified yoga instructor
Find a jogging stroller and work with Landon to add running into our newly busy life with P
Run the Lululemon half marathon August 10 or other half marathon if not feasible whatsoever
Move to random city across America for Landon where he’ll start law school and we’ll be beyond excited for him on his first day of class, and most days after hopefully
Be patient and supportive on days that L has to study late or doesn’t have time to play.
Begin classes on campus, or online if not at alllll possible
Visit Alaska together for Christmas
Read copious amounts of books, classic novels + nonfiction
Turn off the computer more
Buy an iMac desktop for school. Smile, knowing that those two don’t even have to contradict each other.
Strengthen relationship with God
read Study the scriptures regularly, remember that there’s a difference
Buy a puppy. Name him Oliver. or Madeline for a girl. scratch that. you can’t name a puppy madeline. I keep trying to make Madeline work. It’s only cute for a french girl with a yellow hat in a book.
Come to terms that I can’t name anything Madeline.

{and beyond}

Earn my BA degree by the time he earns his Law Degree {3 years}
Buy a lovely second hand piano for our apartment if we think we’ll stick around for a few years. If not, buy a keyboard and pretend it’s the same thing
Continue with school after earning BA degree, earning a few minors including religion and/or Spanish for the pure enjoyment of learning
Consider dental hygiene again. Jump in with both feet if I’m feeling it, studying my little heart out
Move to Park City with three little ones, a puppy and of course Landon. Potentially consider other nearby areas once we see the price tags of homes
Go skiing as a family. Conquer the art of skiing, and of making mint hot chocolate. Snowshoe and hike and run and bike and and paint and have little private concerts together as a family.
Use the money we saved by not buying the most expensive home in Park City to buy a Range Rover and Jeep Wrangler. :]

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