Week 33, My little Durian & Mountain Man

I’m beyond ready to have her little fingers wrapped around one of mine and to hold that little bundle
 I’m also beyond ready to be done being pregnant for a little while.
I’ve gotta be honest though. 95% of this week however hasn’t had this impatient attitude. The other 95% I’ve barely even felt pregnant, forgetting I even had an 8 month baby bump til I glanced down.

The past week or so some baby gear has arrived in the mail thanks to some birthday money, sweet parents and a surprise box from Grandma! [grandma if you see this before I email you, I’m sorry. I’m terrible.]
I unboxed everything excitedly then put it all under our tree. We still have a ways to go with picking up things to be ready for her arrival but luckily have more than enough time to keep getting ready. Except for the dang car seat, hopefully she doesn’t come early otherwise we’ll be held hostage at the hospital til we have it…

Landon got to be surrounded by snow for a full day this week as they hiked brokeoff mountain and I am in full jealous mode.
But can also appreciate the pictures he took as I had a cozy day with the heat set to 70, windows closed pretending it was snowy outside here too…

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