Week 32: Our 16 Inch Squash :)

Some of my recent pregnancy favorites:

Being able to respond “the end of next month” when customers ask when I’m due. Sounds slightly close!
Preregistering at a hospital for the delivery
Realizing my mom comes to visit soon{ish}
A new fluffy pillow to curl up with, $12 life-savor at night lately
A skinny/flat pillow to lay under my side/baby bump as I sleep
New bath towels. Because the other ones needed to go. And it’s just what I need to get me in the shower.
6 filled water bottles in the fridge waiting to be downed that day, refilled that night and process repeated the next day
Workout clothes that fit and that I find cute
A saint of a husband who gives me hugs when the lady that glared at me for not getting out of the isle more at the outlets {not seeing my bump and lack of ability to do so} and made me cry, rubs my back, talks through endless options of what I want to do with my life this next year/helps put things in perspective, makes me dinner when I swear nothing in the entire house looks good, cuddles me when I have freaky pregnancy dreams in the middle of the night and a billion other sweet things

My not-so-favorite pregnancy item this week:

Not being so certain on the baby name we’ve had picked out for 8 months now :( In an effort to get somewhere with it I tried out a few different names today, just scrolling through different places and writing down ones that seemed to fit. There are so many things you have to take into account — spelling, pronunciation, future jobs, future schoolmates, potential nicknames, name meanings, future siblings, last name, future new married last names.. the list goes on. Here’s what I wrote down today. Some of them already make me think “ew”, it’s a work in progress

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