Life Lately [LSAT Pt 2 & Our Crib!]

The UPS man tried to earn sympathy points for how heavy the crib box was
I put together the entire crib in like 30 minutes: it is the happiest thing I’ve ever seen
Landon put on the finishing touch–the mattress, after laying down a little Christmas track
Landon laid down a little Christmas track:
He is so cute.

I now crave martinelli’s sparkling cider regularly, specifically all that sparkling/carbonation goodness
We spent the weekend in Sacramento and Landon took the LSAT for a second and final time
I can’t even compare how nervous I was for him last time to how relaxed I felt this go round
Left all reading options at the apartment so from 8am-2pm I was reminded just how much I don’t like TV and really never want it.
Except for those darn Kardashians. I could watch them all day.
Except they weren’t on. So I watched QVC commercials all day. Embarrassing.
My temple dress no longer can be zipped up :(
I have been sober from fast food for 3 days now.
We stopped at Panera Bread instead of Taco Bell for dinner and it was the best. Though no Fast Food I’m sure the calories in that adorable grilled cheese and tomato soup were horrendous. The fuji apple for dessert balances it all out I’m sure.
I now have to pee constantly. This makes doing anything quite difficult, such as shopping the outlets.
andddd our little nephew’s blessing was yesterday. He is the cuddliest little one.

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