Week 31– Pineapple in My Belly and Ephiphanies on My Mind

Pregnancy Attitude this Week:
Yesterday the light bulb suddenly clicked for me while at work. It was a slow night which allowed my mind to wander from topic to topic as I waited for someone [anyone!] to need help. I started to think about how universal birth is, and how my baby bump has made hundreds of customers eyes light up for a second as they share a story or memory of their first child.

It’s seemed especially universal due to the wide variety of customers I meet at work – from the devout turban wearing eastern indian men, to the grungy guy with stories of three separate first time babies with three different women, to the brand new dad with oh so tired eyes.

Even more interesting is how I haven’t heard a negative thing yet. They might tell me “oh, we sure hadn’t planned on having her in our life so soon” or warn me about how life will change, but they all have the same fondness as they recall those old memories, and if you look the same spark shows in all of their eyes, even if just for a second.

Thinking about this I wanted to slap my forehead, where had my energy and focus gone wrong? This journey started out on such a spiritual start: a few weeks of praying and fasting together, humbled by the idea of changing our mapped out plan for life. Now 31 weeks into carrying this little one I’m absorbed by thoughts of strollers, nursery setups, swaddle blanket designs and all things baby products. Leave it to me to materialize anything humble, spiritual or natural! With this epiphany I’ve promised myself to bring my energy and focus back on what matters most.

Still on the 1lb a week track. Some days I feel like my belly is huge… usually it’s when I’m laying in bed trying to get comfortable. For the most part my self esteem/confidence has stayed high and hopefully will stay through January, I was somewhat worried about this early on. My normal skinny jeans still fit comfortably, as do my socks and shoes. Most of my pre-pregnancy shirts are now packed away, and I’m quickly discovering my rain jackets might not make it all 9 months with me.

String cheese at the store just about makes me gag. I always forget about that one. I haven’t been able to eat it since May. No real cravings. I’m beginning to think people just make those sorta things up. My diet had taken a turn for the worse this week – including no bake cookies for breakfast + lunch again and a pizza date or two with Landon. Fuji apples on the other hand have never tasted better

Must Be Pregnant:
Teared up through 3 different birthing videos on YouTube when watching with L. He realized it with the last one, “are you crying??” You try and get through one of those dry eyed though, impossible!

Is coming closer to having an official spelling to her name. We got distracted for a few weeks by an alternative spelling — stay tuned!

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