Birthday Bliss I Tell You.

I told Landon a few weeks ago when my birthday had come up that we should skip presents, with money being tight{ish}, and that I honestly just wanted to spend the day with him for my birthday. He cutely came home one night from serving and surprised me saying that he’d been stashing money away and telling me he did worse at night than he actually had, saving the money for my birthday. Which just makes my heart melt. I do not deserve his sweetness sometimes.So this Sunday he was excited for me to open presents that we came home from church to an already wrapped box waiting for me The camera must’ve been on a weird setting because even the still shots turned out blurry :/ But he picked out a super cool dark brown Steve Madden leather jacket and desert boots with an embroidered aztec stripe down the back

Sunday dinner that night at Grandpa & Nanu’s was a shared dinner for Landon’s Dad and me; decorated table and all. We had a menu of tomato bisque soup, the strawberry pecan salad from our wedding and peppermint chocolate frosted brownies, which were all to die for.

I felt awkward opening presents in front of other people like usual and talked a little cousin into helping me, somehow made it all better. But it wasn’t until we were leaving that I realized that even between both of us there were cards with my name on it that we hadn’t opened and I was about to toss, oops
We stayed up late that night talking back at his parents house before crashing at their place for a little sleepover since we had a dental cleaning right back at his dad’s office in the morning.
I woke up a few times, once trying to figure where I was and upon seeing all the white walls thought I was in the hospital for a second haha. Twice I woke up thinking that today was the day we were having our baby. Oh I’m silly when half awake. Let’s keep that baby in there.
I worried about breakfast before our appointment, specifically those mint brownies getting in my teeth, so opted for the no breakfast route. Practically jumped out of the dentist chair mid appointment to run to the bathroom to dry heave and such, due to brilliant choice mentioned above haha. So we had to end that appointment early, promising to return that weekend to finish and we went off to find breakfast. Some OJ and French Toast breakfast meal at Denny’s later I was a much happier birthday girl
We started my mission of spending my birthday money finding the softest and lightest hoodie I ever did meet. Ignored all labels of it being size XS and put that puppy right on. Grabbed and deposited L’s paycheck, a happy meal with lettuce and tomato and Hi-C orange becuase it is my birthday after all, and headed off for Roseville where we:

  • Shopped the Galleria, both wearing desert boots, til our feet absolutely ached and everything closed for the night
  • Went inside an actual Gilly Hicks store for the first time and fell for their yoga pants, yet realized if it that place were to catch fire we would get lost and die. Seriously, it was tricky– mirrors and skinny hallways in random places. Abercrombie on steroids.
  • Walked through the Tiffany & Co shop and realized halfway through that we look like candidates for a shotgun wedding, with $25,000 diamond ring aspirations…
  • Searched for the Madeline board book in the PB Baby store, after not getting it last time at Arden Fair, and happily bought it. But only after L tried out all of their rocking chairs.
  • Miraculously found a Thai iced tea that even without even leaving the Galleria, I’d been craving one for my birthday for days. A birthday miracle I tell you.
  • Found a Carousel in the middle of the Galleria and realized that walking past it opens up the whole other half of the stores
  • Walked around Sephora and almost tricked myself into thinking I wanted a Smashbox pallet I’d never seen before. Luckily a girl at the beauty counter talked me through it for a second and I happily left with the Naked 2 palette I’ve wanted since I got the first palette on my last birthday
  • Analyzed jackets at REI with L, left the store empty handed with him still thinking about a specific jacket. Went back and got that little guy; bonded with the cashier about the Avett Brothers song that just came on. Bonus.
  • and Ran into Babies R Us right before closing time to see if they have any Maxi-Cosi car seats on display since we’ve only seen it online, they didn’t, but they had everything else. Realized I still hated everyother brand. Pretty much the same answer?
With a $20 still in my pocket just weighing me down I asked if we could run in the Barnes and Noble around our corner to find a book that inspired me and would make the day just a notch more blissful. My stomach grumbled before said book was found. A crunchwrap supreme filled the last little void in my heart of bliss along with birthday calls with the sisters & parents.
Total of bathroom runs? At least 7. Time of having to sweetly ask L to pick something up or cuff my pants because bending over is now a wittle difficult? At least 3. Times felt P kick? 1 billion.

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