Week 29; Our Little Acorn Squash & Nursery Plans

This week, and probably the past month or so I’ve been able to see how people say they just love being pregnant. I’m not about to go as far to say that it’s the best I’ve ever felt, cause it’s not, but with the first trimester a distant memory I feel like quite the happy camper. Yes I’ve had better nights of sleep before and truth be told I sure do miss when my stomach was flat, but it just takes a couple of seconds of feeling her roll around that it all feels so lovely. Some other random thoughts from this week:
Parenting class this Saturday with Lando!
Officially hit the thirty-four-double-d stage. I’m sure it only continues to get better…
I love the customers that ask if I’m 4 months along, that tell me pregnancy suites me or basically make any comment besides asking “how many do you have in there?!”
Looked at breast-pump videos for a few minutes on YouTube today and was semi-thoroughly gross out. I’ll admit it. Give me a few weeks and I’ll try it again.
Will still not be packing my hospital bag or buying a car seat this week. Sorry online pregnancy checklist.
No real cravings yet but finding that I enjoy eating more now. And I get hungrier so much faster after a meal than even last week[ruh-roh.]
Stranger’s have officially begun to weigh in on my life decisions — from the lady next to me at the gym with the freaked out face “are you supposed to be using that? that’s pretty intense” to the man that tried to start a conversation about not vaccinating my children..and, I’m still having too much fun on Pinterest finding nursery ideas! Here are my top picks for the nursery out of everything:

The Babyletto Hudson Crib. Our favorite of them all.

An Ikea hack of the expedit bookshelf + legs, drawers and baskets — which Ikea also sells = changing table/storage/dresser

A hack of our own, the prints on the right are $250 each – Hello Darling, Hello Beautiful, Hello Sunshine. I figure we can print them out ourselves + our own frames no problemo.
I also like the idea of hanging the blessing dress in the nursery as decor instead of hiding it away for the next baby

Ikea again with a modern rocking chair solution, the sister chair to the black and red one in our living room

This is one of my favorite things still – super inexpensive. Just a few shelves and a clothing rack thing which come in all sorts of lengths and sizes. Haven’t decided where in the room it’ll look best, good thing L has an eye for that sorta thing. I’d like to have all clothes hanging, even once their too small. Almost a boutique shopping feel, just on the cheap and you own everything

And last but not least this is my inspo for everything else. Sorta very random but I love it and think it’s perfect. We’ll make it work :)

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