100 Goals For My Life [A Look Back at 5 Years Ago]

 Junior year in high school one of my favorite teachers offered an extra credit opportunity for anyone who would write out 100 genuine goals for my life. Being the type to never pass up an extra credit opp + one that loves lists I took the challenge. Luckily I kept the list once the class was over, and my mum sent it to me a few weeks ago
 (I’ve resisted adding “haha” at the end of at least half of these goals that sound silly as I read over them today)
  1. “Start a Roth account
  2. Take a ballet class next semester
  3. Have a 4.0 next semester
  4. Learn how to play the guitar
  5. Volunteer (hospital)
  6. Be fluent in Spanish
  7. Learn how to swim   –halfway there!
  8. Go to Hawai’i this spring to look at campuses
  9. Take surf lessons
  10. Eventually surf the Pipeline
  11. Make a difference in someone’s life
  12. Keep a budget
  13. Get a scholarship for college
  14. Graduate High School 09
  15. Attend College & earn degree (half credit since I didn’t specify type of degree?)
  16. Be in a study abroad program – Spanish
  17. Be a dental hygienist
  18. Stay close with my sisters and family
  19. Learn how to drive
  20. Get my license ASAP
  21. Go on a roadtrip this summer with best friend
  22. Go to a concert
  23. Be more patient
  24. Learn how to cook
  25. Start exercising after work & get in shape
  26. Join a gym
  27. See the statue of liberty
  28. Do a safari in Africa
  29. Learn to date guys who respect me
  30. Go sky-diving
  31. Teach a yoga class as an instructor
  32. Never hold a grudge
  33. Fall in love
  34. Get married in the temple
  35. Have 2 kids + adopt 1
  36. Never be in debt
  37. Always be there for my kids
  38. Go on family vacations
  39. Buy a dog – get over fear of them!
  40. Ride a mechanical bull
  41. Dance in the rain
  42. Change a tire
  43. Fall asleep [I think this was supposed to say “fall asleep under the stars” when I wrote it haha]
  44. Learn how to skip a rock
  45. Ride a giraffe
  46. Go to the Edmonton Mall
  47. Go to Paris
  48. Visit Italy
  49. Visit Jamaica
  50. Austraia + New Zealand, parenthesis travel the world basically.
  51. Take an art class
  52. Education myself in environmental issues and others
  53. Take a defense class
  54. Be on Oprah
  55. Take a hot air balloon ride
  56. Own a beach house
  57. Be able to do the splits
  58. Snowboard in AK
  59. Complete a marathon
  60. Drive a race car
  61. Have a million by the time I’m 65 [see goal #1]
  62. Swim with dolphins
  63. Plant a tree
  64. Shower in a waterfall
  65. Learn to juggle
  66. Drive the autobahn
  67. Learn how to play poker
  68. See a movie at a drive in theater
  69. Break a world record
  70. Fill a journal
  71. Donate blood
  72. Sucba Dive
  73. See the Taj mahal
  74. Learn to raise 1 eyebrow
  75. Visit all 50 states
  76. Introduce 2 people who fall in love
  77. Stop impulse buying
  78. Learn to not procrastinate
  79. Go to a Super Bowl game
  80. See the Holyywood sign
  81. Contribute to cancer research
  82.  See the Olympics
  83. Watch a show on Broadway
  84. Protest against something I care about
  85. Believe in myself, even when people are telling me no
  86. Buy a lottery ticket
  87. Have my fortune told
  88. Waitress
  89. Join the peace corp
  90. Whistle with my fingers
  91. Do a backflip
  92. Have a cell phone by Christmas 07
  93. Grow my hair out
  94. Take courses in psychology
  95. Write a song
  96. Live with no regrets 
  97. Have my own clothing line
  98. Name a kid [this one stops there and is written in a boy’s handwriting. I’m guessing some boy wanted me to name my future child after themself]
  99. Make a positive difference in this world
  100. Be surrounded by people I love at the end of my life”

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