Week 28 [Hello 3rd Trimester!] Hello Eggplant!

I love the idea of teaching little P spanish semi-bilingually. Currently researching techniques of how to accomplish that and capitalize on Landon being fluent still.
In my head this baby is coming sooner than reality, just  a little perceived notion of time flying by faster than I’m sure it actually will
Stopped by the Carters and Baby Gap Outlets in Vacaville yesterday to see what their prices were like. Realized long sleeved onesies and anything with fold-over mitts makes my heart melt, Landon plans to dress our baby in a glow in the dark skeleton footie pajama set in public, and is more opinionated about outfits than I’d thought (not a bad thing!)

As of yesterday at the Dr’s I weigh 148, up 4 pounds from 4 weeks ago when I was 144, which puts me on the 1lb/wk and the +29/30 pounds track, right in the middle of the recommended 25-35
Also struggling with my perceived size. Squeezed past a customer the other day and our butts touched. Ew. I so thought I would glide past no problemo.
With that said, my black prepregnancy pants fit better than 10 weeks ago, I’m guessing due to the position of the baby now? Either way, I’m rejoicing

Pregnancy Attitude this Week?
Excited to start buying things for P, but chuckled a little in my head when my pregnancy e-mail for this week told me to pack my Hospital Bag. I mean, really?
Cravings, aversions? 
No real cravings yet. Except I made the mistake of making gorilla bop cookies. Now with every last cookie gone, and the ingredients still in our cupboards for another batch, just calling my name, I’m resisting the thought that I’m craving them
Peanut butter smells disgusting to me. Though I’ll happily eat it on toast no problem.

Must be pregnant:
Customers are becoming more and more confident on commenting on everything to the watermelon seed I must’ve eaten, how if I would’ve worked more hours, pointed to belly, “that” wouldn’t have happened (excuse me? ew, we are not talking about this a second longer old man) to the brave question of straight up, when are you due?

Now has the cutest and cuddliest little elephant waiting to be buddies with her that Lando picked out. He gave the little elephant a squeeze once we took it out of the box and my heart melted for a second, realizing that in a few months he’ll be holding P the exact same way. gah.

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