Week 25: Our Cauliflower :)

Two weeks ago when the midwife told me to monitor if I felt the baby move at least 10 times during the day I thought, “woman, you are straight crazy”
This week, with that little one rolling alll about, I can now see how that will be possible. That said, I’m not about to take her up on her suggestion of moving a penny into a jar throughout the day every time I feel the baby move… terrible mom to be?
Pregnancy Attitude this Week?
I think this is what I’ve been waiting for pregnancy to feel like. Weeks 18-24 seem to have flown by, seeming like one week of higher energy and a finally [mostly] settled stomach. Now that we’re starting to look at baby gear, feel her move, and pray for her at night by name there’s a whole new anticipation and excitement feeling in this apartment 
Now that I’m working it feels so good to be on my feet and busy. Though not an intense workout  by any means it has a similar effect of making me want to eat healthier. Can’t say I was craving acorn squash, or that it’s necissarily healthy, but I’ve been loving it this week. Grapes and Oranges would have to still be on my cravings list.  Mint gum is high on the aversion list; mint gum and bananas.  Mints and fruit flavored gum are still a go though! [so weird]
She’s a cauliflower and I’m a soccer ball. I had a minor breakdown minus the tears last weekend when we were trying to rush out the door and I had to find something to wear. I have since separated my closet into pre-pregnancy clothes that still fit and hid the other 3/4 that don’t. No sense in continuing to optimistically try them haha.
I’ve been loving my stretch mark cream and have been spared from that itchy growing skin sensation so far and any stomach stretch marks. My growing bust line however needs to calm the freak down.
Must Be Pregnant?
Week 25 hormone test : Watch this clip {Surprise for an Adorable Family}and if you cry during their video then it’s just a touching story. If you don’t tear up, then I’m one hormonal mama 

One thought on “Week 25: Our Cauliflower :)

  1. Les Ann

    Your blog is just the greatest ever! LOVE it! And that video clip totally made me ball! That was so beautiful. What a sweet family. What a good example Ellen sets of taking care of one another. BTW is that your love fern in your picture? It's sure thriving! I'm amazed that you don't like mint gum right now. Who would've thought?!?


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