Week 24; She’s a Cantaloupe!

[age of vitality!] and subsequently I had a dream that my water broke this week and I was was in the hospital super excited and then was told I’d still have to wait til my due date in that hospital bed. yikes.
Finally started with work, you know 24 weeks pregnant and almost winter time, grateful nonetheless 
My shirts are all quickly quickly shrinking. That good old rule that by the time fabric goes around a bump the top is suddenly not as long as it used to be

part of april, all of may, all of june, all of july, all of august, all of september
finish october, all of november, all of december, all of january til the end

yet somehow I’m 6 months along now?

it’s a good thing we still have plenty of time because there are still, uh, a few things we need to get before baby faulkner gets here

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