A Compiled Newborn Checklist

With just a few months to go here’s what I found to be baby essentials
While trying to keep a we-could-be-moving-to-anywhere-including-hawai’i-in-less-than-a-year// keep-it-simple-kyra mindset, it all looks kinda essential? and slightly overwhelming.

Infant Car Seat
Nursing bras, Nursing pads
Breast feeding pillow
Nursing blanket/cover
Lanolin cream
Breast pump
Burp cloths
Infant bottles, Bottle brush
Moses Basket/Bassinet for easy feeding
Crib, Crib mattress, Crib fitted sheets (2 or more)
Receiving blankets (at least 3 on hand)
Mattress pads (3 or more), Waterproof liners for the crib (More than 1 on hand)
Changing table/Dresser with changing pad on top
Diapers, Diaper Bag, Wipes, Diaper rash treatment
Undershirts and onesies
Newborn nightgowns (4 or more on hand)
Side-snap T-shirts (For until the umbilical cord separates)
One-piece shirts (4 or more on hand)
Baby cap, Mittens, Socks and or booties (6 pair on hand)
Soft daytime outfits
Sweater or jacket 
Infant bathtub
Hooded towels (You’ll want 3 on hand),Washcloths (You’ll want 3 packs on hand)
Body wash & shampoo
Baby nail clippers or blunt-tip scissors

Soft brush and comb
Mild laundry detergent
Cotton pads and swabs (at least three packs on hand)
Nasal aspirator, Digital thermometer
Rubbing alcohol, Petroleum Jelly
Night light
Baby monitor 

Rocker or glider
Soft carrier or Baby sling [moby or k’tan]


Did I mention we don’t have a washer and dryer in our place?

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