Sacramento Weekend at the Condo

This weekend was not the weekend I had envisioned.
Hours after leaving my appointment with the midwife I noticed my right eye wasn’t looking quite right. With a phone call to my mama who is my go to doctor first, and then my midwife she was able to fill out a script for pink eye after hours, saving the day/our weekend! With cleaning the temple off our calendar we headed up to the condo at oh, 11pm Thursday night stocked with eye drops, tissues, and lots of hand sanitizer
Friday I spent the morning trying to kill time without wi-fi while being quiet as a mouse while Landon did one last practice test. So I curled up with my Mitt Romney biography written by two Boston Globe investigative reporters. Once his testing book shut I was ready to bounce out the door, with the first stop to the Sacramento REI where we found the lightest carbon trekking poles, best cold weather gloves, and most expensive everything [all wish list shopping of course]
I bought my first maternity shirt from the Motherhood Maternity in the Arden Fair Mall and a stretch mark cream which is amazing. I’ve been using the Palmer’s stretch mark butter but that stuff just doesn’t soak in. which is gross. 
Some more browsing and perfume sampling later, hitting traffic right at 5 o’clock, taking 30 minutes to get back to the condo, dry heaving from hunger dying to get back [haha pathetic] a frozen pizza, a stressed out moment or two about the LSAT, split second excitement about saying screw it how bout you get your MBA, aand Red Box stop later we were curled up laughing to Rango

Saturday morning with a whole new relaxed and balanced feeling in the condo Landon left to take the LSAT and I waited around for God to magically unlock someone’s wifi so I could watch Conference. When that didn’t happen I tried the tv and miraculously found it playing on a local channel. 7 hours later L came home with a pizza [it was quite the pizza weekend for us] with stories to tell about a 60 year old man taking the test, opening the Red Bull during the break and having it sound like he was popping champagne and feeling good about what to do from here as he pursues law school

Saturday evening we spent with Rachel & Kragen, the kids + his parents. The boys all hit up Priesthood session while we hung out at the apartment, then we all went out to dinner there in Vacaville. A late dinner and later conversation outside after the restaurant closed put us grabbing groceries close to midnight. It was when we pulled into the apartment and they tried to bring in all three kids without waking them up plus bring all the groceries up 3 flights of stairs in one load I realized I’ll be needing a few more arms once I’m a mom, and how much life changes in how you do all of the little things
But it was Sunday morning when Landon and I woke up from sleeping in the living, that we could hear the girls giggling and talking from their room that made me just so genuinely excited for our little girl and for #2 and #3

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