Week 23; a Grapefruit!

Still don’t “feel” pregnant, just same old me while my body grows a baby, not sure what I expected haha
Had my every-4-week Dr’s appointment today. My midwife came in looking a wee bit frazzled and a wee bit late, but all was forgiven when she mentioned she’d delivered two babies this morning!
I’m measuring right at 23 weeks, this was the first week they pulled out the measuring tape on me
Feel ready to have this little one here, 9 months just seems like forever and I’m down to play already

Continue to wear all of my pre-pregnancy pants; A&F jeggings could used the hairband trick at this point though…
Marked a total gain of 14lbs so far as of this morning
Sure do wish the VS semi annual sale would happen oh every month, or be 365 day access for pregnant ladies, cause I’ll be 5 different sizes before the next one in January, just sayin

Cravings, aversions?
Was so glad I chose the pulled pork over our smoked salmon when I found myself throwing up 30 minutes later, it would’ve all be wasted :(
Have longed for a sushi date multiple times. Heck, at this point I’d even blissfully take the not-so-great-almost-gross sushi from Raley’s at this point
Mint gum now tastes disgusting, any flavor, any kind, major bummer

Must be pregnant:
Stressed over t-shirt wrinkle marks on my stomach first thing in the morning thinking they were stretch marks haha coast is still clear
Now have an outie belly button! Well on the top. So weird.
Now pee constantly. Only took me 5 months to catch up with every other pregnant lady on that one
Having weird and weird dreams every night, I also have been sleeping terribly, unrelated in my mind

Baby :)
Feelin’ the little one move around more and more every day night

Got to listen to the presidential debate TWICE yesterday, she’ll be so political
Gets to be in the temple tonight while we make it sparkle clean after hours, so spiritual?
Is hopefully not coming down with whatever mom is

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