Week 22: a Papaya!

Cravings: Water, water and more water. I fill four to five water bottles at a time to put in the fridge about every day. I also crave red grapes by the bunches.
Movement: 10pm through the night til about oh 8am/noon
Landon felt her kick for the first time last night! I was possibly more excited about it than he was 
We have a new nephew! Little Knixon L was born Sunday morning right after midnight.  Landon and I had spent all Saturday out at Zion’s Camp helping out with youth conference, then drove out to his parent’s to spend time with the girls, wait to see what the news would be from Rachel, and watch the U of U vs ASU game
 Landon and I went back home that night and met back up Sunday morning at his parent’s for muffins made by Reagan then off to the hospital in Paradise as a family to meet the little guy. Which, as a side note, looks more like a cozy hotel from the outside than a sterile white-walled hospital. I liked it.

The feeling in Rachel’s room as we were all gathered there together was such cool one. I hadn’t been in a hospital, minus my you-might-have-diabetes moment in St. George, since Kyrsten was born. Selfishly it was so helpful for me to be in the room with Rachel and to soak in everything before it’s my turn in January. Plus, their little guy is adorable. 
In the next few months Landon and I will get to tour the 3 hospitals around the area and decide where our first choice is. From the stories I’ve heard about hospital here vs the one in Paradise, Paradise is winning by far

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