My Experience With Short Hair

This January, after my first class of winter semester but before my second, I headed off to the salon with this picture, of course wearing black pants, which I always forget not to do…
 I had pretty intense anxiety the two nights before, just tossing and turning with nerves about cutting it off, what it’d be like to grow it back out, what if I looked like a boy… With a lot of encouragement from Landon and tons of perceived notions of what could happen by cutting off my hair, I did it.
It was a little awkward walking into my next class that day and realizing that I had a few repeats from my first class, “oh.. uh hi, yeah it’s the same girl, yeah I just chopped off my hair”
Committing to a pixie cut was a super freeing experience for me. I had always stressed about hair cuts and color and it all turning out exactly how I wanted it to — while still honestly having really boring hair. It gave me to freedom to let that all go, to still feel beautiful with short hair, and to be more comfortable playing around with different styles from month to month. Here are some pros + cons I’ve discovered about having a pixie cut recently :

Pros of Going Short:
Not having to straighten hair
Shampoo lasts longer
Potential to be emotionally freeing
Your hair doesn’t look like every other girl [depending on where you live]

Cons of Going Short:
Having to compensate with clothes/accessories to not look like a mom
Not all guys like it
Girls secretly like having friends with long hair
You will have a mullet when you want to grow it out
Highlights are difficult, can often make you look like a calico cat, especially in the back
Roots have to be taken care of more quickly, the ombre look doesn’t exactly work with short hair
Running on the treadmill now makes your hair bounce in a bowl shape instead of a nice ponytail swish
If you have oily hair, or roll all around while you sleep, you will have to shower and do your hair every day, unless you can get away with wearing a fedora/beanie all day. [doubtful]
and finally –You may like short hair on other girls but realize later that your end goal is to actually have long hair and this chart will become your life for the next 3 years, with all sorts of awkward stages in between, having to trust your hairdresser to not take off length thus setting you back a few stages…

I’ve booked a hair appointment tonight to make said roots disappear and fix this semi-mullet that has reappeared

ps: any tips for growing out your hair quickly? what works for you?

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