Week 21: Our Growing Pomegranate (:

 Twenty-One Weeks at 21!
1.) Don’t mind all of Landon’s camping gear in the background… I cleaned/vacuumed everything today except for his gear. That stuff’s serious business.
2.) Speaking of which — I survived a weekend alone while he was climbing Mt. Shasta. I of course could’ve totally done the climb with them no problem but am not supposed to be above 6,000 feet while pregnant. Ok, ok, I would’ve died.

3.) I threw up today, and after realized, oh duh. Because I throw up every Tuesday now. Weirdest thing ever.
4.) First baby puuurrrccchhhaaasssee. I’m feeling pretty darn good about how long we held off. And by we I obviously mean me. I think the onesie’s are super cute, especially in the little 3m size {I’ve been told by many to avoid buying NB size clothes} ah adorbs.

5.) The past few weeks have been a little rough. I’ve tried to attack the current situation emotionally with different attitudes, but at this point I’m in the phase of “alright,what the heck am I supposed to learn from this?”
6.) Apparently Fall doesn’t land in Northern California til November. I’ve officially decided to ignore that fact and begin wearing boots, purchasing glorious fall candles, continuing to eat candy corn, and curling up with some good books

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