Week 20: Our Little Banana!

This means we’re officially halfway there!
With each passing week the reality that we’ll have a little one soon starts to feel real
But like being engaged I have the feeling I’ll need the next half to truly emotionally prepare for what this will mean. Landon was looking online at backpacking backpacks for overnight trips for the two of us when we both realized “oh, well now how’s that going to work in a few months…?” I am however fully confident that by the time this little girl is fully grown that we’ll have all of our little plans for 2 rearranged in our head to fit for 3
For now the bump says she’s a banana, but tomorrow is the full 20 week ultrasound where we’ll learn all her personalized stats
you know if I can manage to drink 32oz of water and hold it from 11am til 2pm…
The past week has been a blast, and productive- which feels so good
After crunching numbers we’re going to try and switch insurances quickly, which will be worth it but man it’s a lot of paperwork and copying document after document. After running into brick walls searching for jobs/actually starting I decided to channel all of that energy on signing up for online school which thus far has been going flawlessly – emotionally and technically. I’m hoping for a start date of October with Western Governor’s University
Oh, and pregnancy wise, the past week has been the best so far, not a complaint in my book
Pregnancy clothes however…. well, they’re always fun, so I’ve held off on buying anything until last weekend
I got lucky and bought these 3 pairs of Maternal America jeans on Gilt. They look like heaven from the pictures and the reviews for Maternal America were great, http://bit.ly/PakoZ5, I’d never heard of the brand
I also now officially have a bump :)

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