Two Years Ago Today

… I met Landon Brett Faulkner.

It was a Monday, a Monday Evening, and I was invited to go to a going away party for some guy I’d never met. I had moved to SLC after spending the summer in Alaska, oh, 3 days prior? I ended up leaving the party with an invite from Landon to go watch a movie at another apartment with a group of friends.

Fast forward an hour, we’re all in the living room watching 500 Days of Summer, and I’m cuddled up next to Landon on the floor, right under his arm, hand on his chest, just loving this evening. Given how the summer had just ended I have NO idea how things were moving so quickly with this new boy, but man oh man good thing I didn’t turn down the movie invite. He dropped me off that night, getting my number before I got out, and we texted as I feel asleep.

Two years later, [a lot of texts, prayers, dates, laughs, long talks, trips to California and best days of my life later] I feel like the luckiest girl. Lately it’s been all too easy to get caught up in pregnancy talk, LSAT stress, money woes and looking back at how great life was when I was employed and in school.

But then there’s the night’s like last week, after spending the evening doing sealings for couples in the temple,  that we find ourselves sharing artichoke dip and a cheesecake and just having the time of our lives

I know that things won’t always be the bliss that they were the first 365 days; they haven’t been. Our love and attraction is different, it feels deeper, like the roots of the tree not the tree itself, but that’s ok.

I know as we continue to make each other and God a priority in our lives that life will be good. I know that much is expected of us, as of everyone, and I am so excited to find out what that will be.

L, you are my favorite person ever. Thank you for the past 2 years together! ♥

5 thoughts on “Two Years Ago Today

  1. kyrafaulkner.

    Um, you definitely were part of the beginning! I don't how I would've made that transition to SLC without some family member to drive me off to college/take me in for that week til my room was available


  2. Brett & Minta

    Ahhhh…so sweet! You guys are so cute together! I feel like I was a part of the beginning, even though I wasn't REALLY there, just kind of. :) So glad you found your 'other half'…and so glad you guys lived out here so we could get to know both of you better. Love you guys!


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