From the Past Week or So

The sweet nurse on the phone who reassured me that some girls just get lucky and get Braxton Hicks early
Buying my 1st pair of maternity black skinnies, that aren’t even maternity, just sent-from-heaven with a beautiful amount of stretch
Driving an hour to watch 2016 in Davis, being the only couple there under 50, and then being told we gave a family there “hope for the future” haha
Doing sealings in the Sacrament Temple on Wednesday + laughing over Cheesecake Factory Cheesecake after, [His first slice]
How happy a vacuumed living room and swept porch makes the mister
Picking out shades of turquoise acrylic paint at Michaels for our soon to be Buddha canvas painting
Dreaming over Park City life, houses and then more realistically condos
The 3rd Hunger Games book
Candy Corn, and lots of it. And Marshmallow Mateys
Sleepovers at his parent’s house with Avery && Trever
Watching weird movies like Bernie all together in the living room, Chipotle kid’s meal lunches, Group efforts of homemade salsa and baby blessings on Sunday morning

&& My Not-So-Favorites
These crazy, crazy dreams lately
Still haven’t started work yet, I’m going crazy from boredom.
A lamp light bulb in the nursery randomly deciding to work after 2 weeks, in the middle of the night [freakyy]
Realizing the Park City I feel in love with, [3 bedrooms, beautiful, 300K] only buys you 2 weeks during the ski season each year and 10 days in the summer. Theregoesthat.
Going 3 weeks without the gym. Pay day today means gym tonight! thank heavens.

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