Baby Names for the Little One

People love asking what names you’re considering. It’s usually a safe, non-invasive question To be completely honest, we have names for a big brother, a little brother, and a sister already picked out… If we have 2 boys and a girl then we just had the easiest time naming our little family in history. But I just feel weird rattling off every name we’ve considered and loved, unless the person asking is 90 years old and will quickly forget them all

Half of it is I’m suspicious, which is slightly ridiculous is some cases, but the subconscious is a crazy thing. Before you know it the person you told is having a conversation with someone else talking about baby names and mentioning our name that they heard “somewhere and liked.”

The other half is a lot more personal. What if this baby doesn’t make it to full term– is the name lost forever? The 3 names we’ve picked all come with cute guesses of what their futures will be like, each name represents a life that we’ve imagined.

But you know Landon and I will be excitedly thinking the name so I thought I’d share a sneak peak
If it’s a boy it’ll be: ________ Jude Faulkner
and a girl: _______ Ann Faulkner
[4th Generation first girl in the family middle name]

The best part?

I just re-rediscovered this adorable list of names Kyrsten came up with before Landon & I became officially engaged. That blonde bluddy followed me all over the house for a night during Christmas Break, rattling off names from her iTouch, giggling the entire time. I think it’s adorable, so I put it in a frame and set it in the Nursery
With her version of spellings: 
Cerina, Lerine, Belmont, Kate, Aidan, Lotus, Belair, Abigal, Skyler, Connor, Callie, Camrine, Payton, Skylar, Ainsley, Jaiden, Chloe, Scarlett, Layla, Britain, Bacon, Adrian, Nicki, Lucas, Chase, Olivia, Kelly and Sophie

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