Half Moon Bay on a Monday

Avery & Trever were still in town and Landon had to furlough sometime this week
A maple bar and kombucha later we made it the short drive down to Sacramento then we were all off for Half Moon Bay–
A day of parking at the Ritz
Freezing our toes in the ocean
Seeing boys run around in the underwear
Finding sea-glass and seashells all day long
Succulent lined walkways
Accidental sunburns
Professional weaving and bobbing through San Francisco’s rush hour
Pumpkin Flavored Ice Cream and Hot Chocolate for my frozen self at Nano’s Yogurt Shack
A drive through Main St. downtown
A quick stop in a baby store where onesie’s were priced higher than should be legal
A Taco Bell in Fairfield with flowers in vases on every table
and Josh Ritter, Mac Lethal and Third Eye Blind on the way home

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