My Friday Favorites {& Not So Favorites]

Our air-popped popcorn dates

Sleepovers in the living room, mattress and all
When Landon sleepily reaches for my hand in bed and our fingers touch til we fall asleep and flop over to our own weird sleeping positions [Landon’s head buried under his pillow]
Clorox Wipes, for anything and everything, including the laptop? oops? No, no I didn’t do that.
Avery & Trever being in town /making plans to go to the beach together
Falling in and out of sleep while Landon strums on the guitar
Listening to the new Old Crow Medicine Show cd in the car, and the way we get way too into it
Fruit Roll Ups.
Realizing Forever 21 sells great clothes, and that I could walk out with bags full of clothes I liked
Not being able to look at the fruit the same now
Pins of hot cocoa, fall clothes and Christmas trees all over Pinterest
Scrolling through & for forever
Texts from Kyrsten & doing Kelsey’s homework
My Not So Favorites:
Our still just a newborn car possibly having problems already
The way my face/shoulders won’t stop breaking out. It’s the new pregnancy glow, right?
The twofer I got yesterday of throwing up + a bloody nose at the same time. C’mon, Not cool.
Listening to country radio on the record player when it suddenly switches to the Mexican music station, and I endure through 3 songs til I can’t stand it a second longer to fiddle with the dial and find the sweet spot again
Drug Tests. Seriously, 2 hours later I was still waiting to feel like I had to go pee again after she tossed my first cup. embarrassing.
Having a penny in our baby account. #don’tjudgeme #justbeinghonest #gottastartsomewhere
Landon telling me I can’t live in leggings for the next 5 months. I even offered to buy new ones! 

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