Week 16; Our Little Avacado (:

I woke up this morning in the best mood possible.
I had a meaningful prayer the night before which just increased my love for Landon and confidence in our growing baby tenfold,
the apartment was completely clean, uneven lines from my absent minded vacuuming and all.
I have a job that is in the works of beginning next Friday;
There was just not a thing for me to worry about besides what to eat and when to lay out each day this week.
I turned on my Kindle Fire and read through the new edition of Lucky Mag and found an interview with Eva Longoria. The woman is beyond beautiful, but it wasn’t her beauty that caught my eye this morning, it was this: “during her eight-year tenure at Desperate Housewives, which ended in May, she learned two languages—French and Spanish—in her trailer between scenes, wrote a cookbook and spent her nights getting a master’s in Chicano studies.”
 just a slightly sobering sentence haha but in a good way!
determined to multitask myself towards accomplishing more in my day

 There’s not much to report on week 16 yet,
except for some crazy full-leg leg cramps starting last night for an hour only on my right leg
Apparently it comes with the territory of 2nd trimester. 
Magnesium supplements have been added to the grocery list to see if that solves the problem before they, as promised by all the pregnancy sites, get much much worse

I also hear nutella works.

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