Still Baffled by Pregnancy Weight Gain

So I stepped on the scale again this morning, did a double take of the number, then proceeded to weigh myself three more times getting the same exact number:130.4

I was just 134 the other day?

To fluctuate four pounds from one morning to another is not something I thought could happen, pregnancy newbie? I assumed the pregnancy pounds only went one way, UP. Seriously baffled.
The most helpful tool I’ve found thus far is this link just to track overall weight gain. You enter your pre-pregnancy weight, current weight, height and week and it graphs it out for you, which helps calm my nerves and see what to expect in the future.

I’m excitedly waiting for my belly to pop out.

So far the only thing that’s popped is my body out of all of my bras. I weent to get sized at VS the other day and walked out with their new bra, Body by Victoria. It’s not their sexiest bra, it’s a cotton bra… so uh, let’s be real. But as a I-don’t-fit-in-any-of-my-other-bras/full-coverage-pregnancy-bra-plus-it’s-“only”-$42; it’s a beautiful thing.

Now to just magically win a million more.


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