Week 15: Our Little Orange

I hear if you post about a week right before it’s almost over, then they fly by faster? By Tuesday this little one will be a whole new fruit, but you’ll have to check back to see what it will be.

On Monday we moved completely out of our Chico apartment, and also made it to my last Doctor’s appointment there. It was a simple appt, but we got to listen to the heartbeat again! 154bpm. He stands by his guess of it being a girl (:

I weighed 134 at the appt, which Dr. Mellum specifically mentioned that it puts me on the +30 total pregnancy lbs track not the +25. Landon swears he wasn’t saying that’s a bad thing, but I could sense a hint of judgement in his voice, I swear. Or maybe I just have a guilty conscious of happy meals, ice-cream cones and more taco bell…

The next day, our second day here, we went out to find a gym, remorsing that our membership at In-Motion still had 3 months paid with our names on it.

Throwing up has been replaced by semi-intense headaches, but so far I’m OK with the switch

Workout stats for the week:
Ran 2 miles Wednesday
30minutes of shoulders with Landon + 1 mile on the treadmill + brink of tears for no reason Thursday
Tired with a headache Friday
Swimming at his parents Saturday :)

 Did you catch the meteor shower last night? Most of the California Faulkner family laid on blankets at Ronee’s last night as we watched for shooting stars, laughed, talked and ate popcorn. I wished upon 20 stars at least.

PS: I have a job offer already!

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