Week 14; Our Little Lemon (:

So this is the week that we start announcing to all of our family our little secret

Somehow I’ve racked up 2,000+ blog views mostly comprising of people I’ll probably never meet
but I’m excited to finally share the news with the people we love.

I started this little blog right when we moved to California,
I had gotten a little bored with facebook and wanted to test the waters of the blogging world.
For the next few months it’ll probably be centered around our growing lives,
and my growing belly.

Lands and I have different views on sharing spiritual experiences,
but we would both agree that the blog is not the place to go tooo much in detail.
But I’d want you to know that this little baby has a beautiful story starting 8 months before we saw the plus sign on the pregnancy test. It is oh so special to us, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Home Sweet Home//Husband Handsome Husband//Packing Always Packing//

Puking. Stillll. Puking.
Hello 2nd Trimester though
I am optimistic that the blissful/honeymoon stage will kick in soon

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