Day 12 in Alaska/Oregon Bound

The last day in Fairbanks rushed, relaxed, chaotic, a symphony of “where’s my __” and a few too many tears coming out of my eyes for no reason. #newpregnancysymptoms

A beautiful off-to-college blessing was given from Dad to Kyndra, hugs and goodbyes, a security sensor set off [two metal rods], Kyndra realizing she’d left her iTouch… a sweet mother who sped back to the airport to run it up for her and then we were on our airplane next to a man who talks and flirts too much. and is way too proud of his new house, job, and Ivy League friends for a 40 year old.

the BabyMonkey app saved the day again for my boredom, along with Bon Iver, gorgeous views and well, that chatterbox of a man.

We grabbed dinner in Seattle, realized we missed Butter London being closed [dangit] and jumped on our next little plane to Medford sitting side by side. We got in right on time to be met by everyone right there in the airport. The REI baby hiking backpack for “Landon’s brother” didn’t even seem to raise an eyebrow!




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