Camping On the Oregon Coast

The first night in Oregon Kyndra and I crashed in the living room at Jodi’s along with our cousins + Kyle/Heather.  We went in to Klammath Falls the next afternoon to celebrate Donavaughn’s birthday but forgot all cameras :/That evening I very very very eagerly awaited Landon showing up the Jarvie’s door. 13 days is too long to be apart. I tried to take little naps while we all watched Dark Crystal in the living room to make the time go by faster. But seriously. He arrived looking and smelling better than I have ever seen him.

A good nights sleep next to each other later we were all off for the Oregon Coast. Magga & Pagga met us there, and I didn’t get a pic of it but we had 5 tents pitched for the night. Also, Taco Bell was right up the street. Beautiful. Not that we would have ever snuck off. twice….
there goes that pregnancy resolution!

Then on the way home we stopped at the Redwoods for a little adventure :)

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