Week 13; Our Little Peach//Day 11 in Alaska

I’ve mentally been doing a countdown ’til the last night without the parents here. The last night of feeling like a mom, in a big house, with these dang rebellious sisters. So this morning, knowing they fly in this evening, it literally feels like Christmas. Accordingly, we went out and bought cinnamon rolls, and now, it even smells like Christmas in here! It’s been fantastic being home, and I wouldn’t take these past 10 days for anything. But man am I going to sleep well tonight. Tomorrow Kyndra and I will pack our bags and fly off to Oregon, and I’ll be flying to visit family with a little secret:
So far I’ve only felt obviously pregnant in one shirt, I quickly changed out of it. Mm, no I take that back. I made Kyndra help me decide between a tank and a tee for yoga on Friday to see which one made me look smaller.
Hot Licks Ice Cream
Swimming at Hamme Pool
Getting lifeguard whistled for not getting our hair wet, desperately trying to not let my makeup run, realizing I suddenly float, + a creepy werewolf man 
+ some team effort cleaning and shuffling a few of kyndra’s friends over ✓

When my parent’s came in late my heart was so happy, we’d made it. Happily we walked their bags and kite to the van, showed them the house and girls rooms and laughed too hard when telling stories of our week.

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