Dreams of Yoga Teacher Training In the Fall

 I was on Pinteret for a few minutes while Kelsey finished cleaning her room, when I come across this pin:Intense study tips for college.” I followed the pin over to [http://www.thecollegeprepster.com/] and start to get so sad. Why?
Because of this picture of a full planner of assignments:
Pathetic, no? Who misses homework, studying and exams, the back to school feeling??
Apparently this girl, more than I thought. I reallly wish I was going to school in the fall.
a.) Preferably in SLC, where the weather would be turning crisp in September, and snow by my birthday
b.) Ideally at Prana Yoga or the University of Utah to study yoga
shall i continue with this pipe dream?
c.) Of course spend my free time in cute fall/yoga clothes, sipping on kombucha like a true yogi. Of course.
d.) Tote notebooks, highlighters and pens around for studying, learning and growing.
e.) Have a blissful experience.


So tonight, I grabbed a nice gem at Barnes & Noble: Teaching Yoga by Mark Stephens/ I’ve been searching for a yoga book that goes past the typical poses with step-by-step instructions and actually teaches the philosophies, history and concepts of yoga. This seems to be just the one. 
Now I can buy my own kombucha, wear cute yoga outfits and highlight the heck out of this book,  until life provides a chance to study yoga in depth. And of course pin everything yoga related.

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