Day 6-10 in Alaska

This is the point where reality started to hit; This vacation is not really a vacation. The stress was adding up. Ten days of trying to be the last one asleep was taking a toll, these sisters of mine like to read til the sun comes up. You know, if the sun actually set here. A typical night includes me I’ve  playing the app Baby Monkey on an iTouch til they’re all asleep and definitely in for the night.

Friday — Consisted of a fantastic appointment with my sister that I didn’t expect to ever have to have. I went in for a class at Infinite Yoga that evening to find my zen again. Except the instructor taught with the voice of a flight attendant, went on tangents of hip replacement surgery videos, and didn’t even play music. Let alone use gongs, incense or adjusted us… sucky. I just wanted a break.

Saturday —  A rainy day with a Subway lunch date, Kyndra getting told she lost her last shift at work, an impulsive shopping trip for K3+4 after a freshly cashed paycheck, getting her eyebrows hacked off, and late night watching Easy A. Because it’s a classic.Kelsey still won’t let me take pictures of her.

Sunday — Church again, where  I joined the girls for YW for the third hour despite begs to go home early, best lesson ever. Squeals that evening for 2 hours as we watched Emily tell Arie peaceout and say yes to Jef on the Bahelorette. And elaborate plans of everyone moving rooms til late into the night.

Monday –Woke up late as per usual due to these three little ones being straight night owls. Plan for the day: attack Kelsey’s room. Unfortunately she doesn’t believe in help. We took a break to go catch a movie; The Amazing Spider-Man won by unanimous vote, Andrew Garfield being the only reason. It’s cute, I don’t mind. By late that night the carpet in Kelsey’s room was visible in every corner once again so we were off to a late night Barnes & Noble run

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