Week 12; Our Little Plum! (:

Second Trimester is near!
 Being home has made all of my best intentions of eating healthy food go straight out the door.
Yesterday for example, it was Papa Murphy’s Stuffed Pepperoni Pizza and Cookie dough with the sisters. Oh, oops.
I haven’t felt nauseous/sick all week, except for the time Kyndra woke me up saying “we have to leave right this second for her to be on time to work, which was in 6 minutes!” Let me just throw up on you first! Just kidding. But I asked for more time to wake up next time. I don’t think the Valentine girls are known for being punctual.
My parents picked up the Pout-Pout Fish at Barnes & Noble the other day for our bookshelf, which made me stoked for when we’ll get to read books to our little Faulkner! If you were wondering from the cover, yes, it is the cutest book.
I found this kids book corner idea on pinterest, the nursery ideas for our new apartment just keep brewing.


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