Day 2 in Alaska!

By halfway through Day 1 in Alaska I was officially the Mom and Dad of the house. It came with some perks: getting to drive around on roads I knew, a sense of belonging, and most of all, unlimited time with these three sisters of mine!
After a light rain on the way to the gym yesterday around 9pm, and bright blue sunny skies on the drive home, I was loving life. The fireweeds lining the roads just did me in. Beautiful.
This first morning playing mom was a Sunday. I jumped right into it — waking everyone up, keeping track of my time and 3 others,  gentle reminders for the next hour, helping with hair,  breakfast and we were off to church. Now this afternoon, with lunch in our bellies, Bon Iver’s glorious music filling up the space of the upstairs and the heat on warming up the chilly dry air it just got even better. 
Botanical Gardens | Fairbanks, Alaska




Going to church with 3 little sets of shoulders to choose from to rest my head  The Botanical Gardens  Making cookie dough  mini cupcakes/frosting after church, and cooking what’s leftover after we feel sick 

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