Day 1: 2am Touchdown in Alaska!

When my Mom called to suggest the idea of flying me home to stay with the girls while they headed to Oregon, I jumped at the opportunity. Of course I wanted to visit!
It gave me something to look forward to, knowing that if I could just keep it together til I left, then I got a fun week with my sisters, and when I returned, it would be full packing mode and time to move.

What I didn’t realize was just how much I would miss Landon during this week.

After the usual layover in Seattle, my flight arrived at 2am in Fairbanks. My bag however did not.
It’d been a year since I’d seen anybody! The last time was June/July for our wedding festivities. Living so far apart can kinda suck sometimes.


Not one to waste anytime we were all right back up at 9am to start this vacation!
 ✓ Farmer’s Market  + AlaskanGrown shirt

“Looks like their personalities are roughly the same. This might be a long week.”

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