My Favorite Things [Because It’s Thursday!]

I’m a sucker for fall boots, brown leather bags and NARS makeup; so basically expensive things. I’ve learned something about myself when it come shopping recently. I much prefer shopping online over a store/mall. Also, apparently I like finding a company for a category and sticking to it.So here are my favorite brands for my ideal closet/bathroom vanity:

Clothes: Abercrombie & Fitch
As long as 1.) it doesn’t blatantly say a&f and 2.) I never have to walk in one of the stores again [ I worked there for a semester…] But I feel like their style has evolved a lot this year– colored/polka dot/floral pants for starters, yes.

Boots, Flats, Heels & Sandals: Steve Madden
Because I could buy one of every single boot they sell and love it
Swim, Hoodies, Bra’s and Undies: Victorias Secret
Watches: La Mer
Because they’re beautiful.
L-R: Square Oversize, Vintage Oversize, and Chain Wrap
All things beauty: NARS
Because you can’t go wrong//best quality
Nail Polish: Butter London
[Because they leave my nails so healthy, have the best colors, bottles/applicator, and clever brit names:
All Hail the Queen, Frill Knickers, Knackered, Old Blighty, Saucy Jack]

Makeup Brushes: Sigma
MAC Brush quality for a fraction of the price

Shampoo & Conditioner: Nioxin; Face Cleanser System: Clarisonic
Because Nioxin smells fantastic, Clarisonic because I’m curious about all the hype

Workout Gear: LuluLemon
Because this brand needs no explanation.


And then if I want a new polish color, I’d go to Butter London’s site. A new sports bra? Lululemon. I feel like my closet is so random, full of things I grabbed on sale or that I liked less than the more expensive top so I got excited on the price. I’ve got to stop doing that. I’m also prone to get more fascinated by makeup than clothes but then get bummed about having nothing to wear. So by posting this it’s a reminder to me that I want to slowly build up my ideal closet && to possibly be helpful to you of new brands/looks to try out.

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