Fairbanks, Alaska! [Things to do]

♩♪♫♬ Ahh, Home
Let me come HoooooooOOOOOoome
Home is wherever I’m with yoooou/Fairbanks, Alaska ((:

Today is Wednesday, and I get to hop on my plane on Friday and will land on Saturday,
but I’m counting that as only 2 days left (:

For 9.5 days I’ll get to spend unlimited time with my 3 little sisters [and a quick afternoon with m&d]

Of course the most important thing for those 9.5 days is for Kyndra to be happy and to stay happy the whole time, while Kelsey is happy and stays happy the whole time while Kyrsten is happy and stays happy the whole time.


But if we had unlimited resources and enthusiasm from all, these are the the things I miss the most:
Kayaking the Chena
Knotty Shop Ice Cream
Hot Licks Ice Cream
Alaskaland + those little honey sticks + dorm decorations for tyndra
Thai Food at Lemongrass + Thai iced tea [WOW approved] 
Drive to Denali on a Sunday afternoon 
Planet Fitness, every day
Just driving on all the roads listening to the radio [because L rarely let’s me ;) ] 
The Botanical Gardens 
Solei Tanning
Fred Meyers, of course
Infinite Yoga on College Rd
U-Park Playground
Staying up ’til too late when everything becomes hilarious
Farmer’s Market + AlaskanGrown shirts 
Going to church with 3 little sets of shoulders to choose from to rest my head 
Making cookie dough after church, and cooking what’s leftover after we feel sick 

&& some things I don’t necessarily miss but should be added to our to-do list:
Swimming @ Hamme Pool 
Checkout downtown — during broad daylight hours!
trumping around some forest with tourists and call it hiking
Museum on a raining day could potentially be fun
Pick berries — too early?
Golden Days on Wednesday
World Eskimo Olympics on Wednesday

&& things you couldn’t ever talk me into:
driving to Anchorage 
[unless for a catastrophic medical emergency]

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