First Doctor’s Appointment [+Ultrasound Pics]

I had my first doctor appointment Friday morning, and everything looks great! The ultrasound due date puts me due February 1. I’ll take it. February sounds much better.
The heartbeat sounded healthy as ever, which was the biggest relief. I walked in for that appt unsure of what he’d see, but the Dr. seemed to to only be curious if it was going to be twins.
We could see the little one moving thands and the feet, and at one point it looked exactly like she was waving.
We left with information on how much tuna I can eat in a week, tons of packets on testing, and instructions to go do blood work within the week. Starving, we went downtown and tried out Beach Hut Deli for lunch, and Landon searched for quarters in his wallet for a game of pool
After lunch we drove an hour south to where Landon has been commuting for the past 2 months. That drive sucks.We viewed different housing options and at the end of the afternoon found one that we loved and that I could see our little one crawling on the soft carpet this winter.
I turned down the offer to continue the application process with the job here in Chico and felt such relief, and optimistim about the opportunities near our new future apartment

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