Pregnancy Resolutions! [and Reminders]

[Luckily I went into pregnancy without a raging appetite for cocaine, cigs, or diet coke]

My Pregnancy Resolutions! [and Reminders]

1. No fast food! Buying food quickly at the grocery store is OK. So is Subway, except for the chicken bacon ranch sandwich. And those cookies
2. Only make exceptions for McD’s ice cream cones occasionally; don’t give in to happy meals or even think about happy meals. Just writing about happy meals will make you want one.
4. Never say no to a workout
5. Take more pictures of my adventures with L and friends
6. Eat more fruits & vegetables
7. Create a chalkboard by next week
8. Be a happy camper
9. Read more books
10. Spend more time outside
11. Work with L to save as much money as we can, starting today
12. Learn a new talent/ work on an old one
13. The earlier in the day you take a shower, the better you’ll feel

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