Week 10; Our Little Prune (:

The past week has been interesting.


had mornings where I would wake up and feel healthy enough to skip the crackers and jump right into breakfast
Felt great a few days in a row, yet also feeling a little nervous that the little fetus was still growing like we want her to
Felt healthy as ever until about 5pm, when I started to feel shaky and my appetite for dinner jumps out the patio door
This morning confirmed that the morning sickness stage definitely isn’t over:
as I got a terrible night of sleep and got to see my bagel and milk alllll over again in detail. yuck.
But 10 weeks marks 1/4 through pregnancy!
My first Dr. appointment will be this Friday, plus the mr. will be able to join

I have a little bump, if that’s what we call it this early on. It gives me a little anxiety when I try to “suck it in” [like after you’ve Pizza Hut $10 boxes and Taco Bell all weekend haha] and it won’t go in

I guess not anxiety, it’s just different, and I had to google image other girls at week 10 to make sure I wasn’t the largest one in the bunch

No picture this week, just tons of me in my swimsuit and such in the last post, showing lots of skin

fingers crossed for a healthy little heartbeat. and twins. (:


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