Best Day Of My Life.

Saturday was the best day ever. Landon thinks I tell him that a lot…. but it just was.
I got to wake up slowly, and love that when I was coherent, he was still home
We started the day with abs at the gym
 [Arms monday, Shoulders tuesday, Legs wednesday, Chest thursday, Back friday, Abs Saturday]
Grabbed sushi on the way home// Relaxed by the pool

The 90 degree heat got to be too much for this pregnant wife.
While downtown we stopped by a store or two, including a nerdy crosshatch package to pass the time next week ’til they hire me, then dropped by Bidwell Park to dip our toes in
We went to catch a movie at 7:20, which unfortunately was not 7:30 so I lost that bet.
The line of teenage girls waiting for Magic Mike was out the door,
but we got to shoot right around them with popcorn and sea-salt chocolate hidden in my bag, and get our ticket ripped for People Like Us
The movie was great.
But with it being about relatives you don’t know about, when Landon took a different turn on the way home, through roads I’d never seen, I couldn’t help but think, did he plan this day to a T? Where are we going? Is there a daughter I don’t know about?
Questions seem to ruin cute drives to random places so we sang along to the Avett Brothers while I tried to figure out where on earth we could be going. We pulled up to a school, the night was dark but the moon was bright. We hopped through a split in two fence doors, made mental note’s that it won’t be possible once I have a bump, and played on the playground. The air was mountain crisp, the stars were bright, and it was silent when the swings weren’t squeak.
Today was the best day ever.

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