Currently Reading: The Happiness Project

When Landon gets to buy his humongous $45 bag of protein from Costco I like to justify a few things for myself. Last night’s trip I decided on 2 books and a big ol cup of soft serve.
Landon fell asleep a little earlier than I was ready that night, so with a flashlight I started The Happiness Project
I got to page 35 by 11:30 and already am pretty stoked about it.
Here are a few quotes I loved thus far:

“What a wonderful life I’ve had! I only wish I’d realized it sooner.”

“The determination of a person’s happiness are 50% accounted for my genetics, 10-20% by life circumstances and the remainder is a product of how a person thinks and act.”

“Aristostle declared happiness to be the summum bonum, the chief good; people desire other things, such as power or wealth or to be able to move somewhere lovely because they believe that will lead to happiness, but truly their real goal is just that, happiness.”

“The opposite of happiness is unhappiness, not depression.”

“People who use Botox are less prone to anger, because they can’t make angry faces”

“Like everyone, he’s a combination of good and not-so-good qualities, and the worst of my bad habits was to focus on his faults while taking his virtues for granted.”

Have you read this one before? What are you reading right now?


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