Week 9; Our little Green Olive

Another website would like to get my hopes up that we’re already at week 10,

but that would be all too optimistic. 
The past week in short:
Raspberry Lemonade is not Pink Lemonade. Lesson Learned.
Nacho Lunchables, though less calories than TacoBell, should be left to be eaten by little kids
Everything is slower in California
TV is still not for me, 2 days of the Kardashians and auction shows melted my brains
Food pictures on pinterest are starting to look good, this concerns me
Landon excels at rubbing my back when throwing up.
Throw-up in your apartment parking lot stall stains. Ew.
My emotions have an appetite all of their own
I am so annoyed with FedEx and my pending employment with them.
I check my e-mail aprx. 55 times a day to see if they had the decency to reply

I am SO stoked to visit home.
Dreams are getting weird; I hugged God last night and woke up wanting the cookie-dough I was dreaming of,
Apparently my life revolves around food?
Sea-bands leave little marks on my wrist
We got set up with medical insurance last week
and I can’t wait for my Dr.’s appt next week to see that everything’s going great


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