Week 8, Our little Raspberry

The little one is now the size of a raspberry!

The past few days have been miserable, lots and lots of straight dry-heaving :[

Typical day:
Saltine Crackers when I first wake up

Saltine crackers with peanut butter for breakfast
Cinnamon toast for lunch
Cheese toast for dinner
Prenatal vitamin right before I fall asleep
Wake up, repeat.
But then we went to Trader Joe’s to stock the fridge with a few more options,
and to find these highly-praised Sea-Bands
Though very recognizable, and very 80’s sweat band like, and found in the Family Planning isle, seem to be working miracles

Speaking of miracles, water has tasted absolutely horrible this week, so ignoring all sugar content for this week I grabbed Pink Lemonade and OJ out of desperation, and it tastes absolutely blissful.

Luna bars are fantastic, with some much needed added goodness in the form of vitamins and minerals
Cous-cous is great later on in the day, as I try to get some sort of protein in
(I think I read you’re supposed to be getting 52 g a day?)
still working on a solution for that…

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