Whitewater Rafting the American River

After a long terrible week
 we got to escape for the weekend in Sacramento to Whitewater Raft the American River
We got to crash at the Condo again for the weekend,
which happened to be a lifesaver.
Morning sickness + driving any long amounts of time absolutely do not combine well
It was only a 45 minute drive out to Lotus, CA where we met up with Gold Rush Rafting bright and early at 9am
When we checked in, upon hearing we were booked for the 21 mile – all day trip he let us know we were in for a marathon,
and that the 104 degree heat would be an added bonus
We were paired Rodge as our guide, a bearded man with a baby’s butt past baseball cap, along with 2 other older couples
 Landon and I took the front row seats and together we blocked all of the waves with our bodies for the rest of the group [so kind we are.]
Which explains why halfway through the day I was told I looked like a wet cat.
This trip was something I would have normally ever chosen to do, but man am I so glad we did!
I learned to trust our guide throughout the day, which when you feel like you’re going to be tossed into the rapids and he’s telling everyone “PADDLE!”, isn’t easy
But by the second half after lunch, Satan’s Cesspool and Hospital Bar felt more like “that’s it??” than “I’m going to die”
And by 6pm it was all over. We were ready to eat some serious calories

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